Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bug Jammed

Bug Jam 25 will go down in the VW history books, but probably for the wrong reasons. Mind you, while the rest of the world was having a full camp site crisis and bussing visitors in from miles away we in the Lo 'E' Nuf camp carried on almost blissfully unaware.

Toby managed to get his Crew Cab Bay to t'Pod on its first attempt and with only one breakdown!

Friday's morning sun turned to evening rain, despite this the crowds kept on coming. 3 extra off-site camping fields were opened and they kept on coming.

Saturday arrived with sunshine and a light breeze, Santa Pod was telling people not to come and the car park for day visitors was far enough away to need minibuses.

The Biatch Bus on display on Saturday

Tim, Chris O and Marco the Stag gave it some RWYB

Turbo Hayabusa powered Bond Bug - Nutter!

Alex & Clive in the Show & Shine

Dakota C-47 Flyby

Bug Jam by night

Robin, Dave, Howard & Tim entertained the campsite into the wee small hours

Special mention should go to Tim and Santa Pod's Donna for organising the Club Camping and the Club Bog. The toilet was unaminously declared a Good Thing and something we should be featuring in Club Camping in the future.

A message from Santa Pod:

We sincerely apologise to those who were adversely affected by the popularity of Bug Jam this year, and we will have systems in place to deal with this in a more effective manner for future events.

If you purchased advance tickets but did not get to attend Bug Jam 25 we would like to thank you for your loyalty and custom by not only refunding your advance ticket cost, but also offering a complimentary ticket to Big Bang or Bug Jam in 2012. Further information and refunds please call 01234 782828 or complete the Contact Form.

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