Tuesday, 6 September 2011

On A Lighter Note...

...from the Daily Telegraph

Tourist complains about sight of fish in harbour
Most holiday makers taking a stroll around a working harbour might expect to see the odd fish. But when David Copp came across a fishing trawler moored in Ilfracombe Harbour he took great offence and complained about the “disgusting” smell. The 46-year-old was outraged that his children, aged seven and nine, had been forced to endure the sight of 12 crates of dead fish and crabs, piled up on the quayside. He said the ordeal had left them “quite distressed” and demanded to know why the harbourmaster was not more considerate to tourists.
“There were flies flying around and the smell was awful,” he said. “The ship was just sat there not doing anything, and there were 12 crates of dead crabs and fish just lying there covered in flies. It’s not the sort of thing you want to see on holiday, there was a real stench. My children were quite distressed by it. These people should be a bit more considerate to the holidaymakers."

In other news today it was revealed that water is wet, fire is hot and farmyards smell of cow poo.

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