Friday, 3 August 2012

Bug Jam 26

Bug Jam in three words: Rain, mud, Sun!

It started well, ginga got tugged by the Fuzz before the cruz had even left Bicester, and got better as the weekend went on - Bug Jam innit.

Friday at t'Pod was a little damp...

...and had the world's quietest disco later on in the Big Top marquee.

Saturday rolled around and all was good, all except the access ways in the campsite which caught out the late comers getting stuck in the claggy mud.

"You weren't there man, you don't know what it was like!"

With the sun out it was bimbling time to see the tat for sale and the on-track action. As well as the 'DRC there was racing from Outlaw Flat Four, Outlaw Anglias, Street Eliminators and exhibition vehicles including Wayne Allman completing licensing runs in his Mental Breakdown Split dragster, running a 7.6sec on Sunday.

Jon Webster was running his new twin-turbo Mercury Comet 
landbarge in Street Eliminator, running regular 8.1sec 1/4s

Russ Fellows ran a 9.03 sec @ 155mph. Next stop, 8sec 1/4s!

Sunday rolled around, even sunnier and hotter than Saturday, and the muddy goo finally started to dry out.

Alex, Cris, Tim, Clive and Chris O were all in the Show & Shine / Back289 displays.



And Tim made it into the Bug Jam programme

And Sunday afternoon was spent watching the racing from the banking under the baking sun.

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