Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Red Bull Soapbox Race - London

Last weekend Red Bull took over London's Ally Pally for their downhill Soapbox Kart race. Amongst the 70 teams entered was Team Hippy Split Camper Van. The team was led by L'E'N irregular Tony Chamberlain, along with Manda (his Other 'Alf), Marco Leao (L'E'N) and Geoff Williams (SSVC). Their weapon of choice? A scale model of Tony's rat-look Splitty camper.

Team Hippy Split during the build

A quick test drive along, errr, Tony's drive
Team Hippy Split ready to fly

The course was approx 500m featuring corners, jumps, steps, a chicane and the dreaded Kicker just before the finish line. This last obstacle was to prove the un-doing of many a carefully crafted vehicle.

So, Tony's run...

(if Red Bull's embed codes don't work)

From the outside...

Unfortunately, Tony landed heavily on the LHF wheel, knocking it clean off.
He continued on 3 wheels, leaning back over the RHR wheel, but the Kicker showed no remorse...


And some highlights...

The Best Crashes

Seeing as Danny MacAskill was one of the Soapbox Race judges, here's his latest film Imaginate

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