Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wheels Day revisited

I gave up trying to get to Wheels Day when I was 3 hours into a 90 minute journey with at least another hour to go. It took an hour to queue across Guildford and the queue didn't let up for the next 10 miles! Meanwhile Pollock and Julia slipped in the back entrance with no trouble and had a lovely time.

Surrey Street Rodders have issued the following statement:

The 40th Wheels Day was not as the Surrey Street Rodders would have wished.
We anticipated an attendance of 6,000 people which would have been an increase of 50% of our best ever Wheels Day.
Dunsfold Park has informed us the actual number on Good Friday was in excess of 18,000.
We are sorry for the problems this unprecedented turnout of vehicles caused.
At one point we did stop charging entry, in order to get as many people as possible on site and try to alleviate the 12 mile traffic jam.
Since the show a tirade of negative forum postings, abusive phone calls, emails and now accusations of inappropriate dealings with Wheels Day money have led to the following decision.

There will be no more Wheels Day in its present form.

The Surrey Street Rodders would like to thank everybody who has supported us in the past 40 years and helped so many charities; you are a credit to our hobby. 

Fingers crossed that Wheels Day returns in some way in the future...

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