Monday 29 December 2008

Moving day

Howard's Beetle has been in top secret secure storage for many years (see earlier post) but the re-development of the garage block meant that he had to find new storage. Luckily ginga had a spare lock up kicking about so all they had to do was move it over.

Hitched up and ready to go

At the secure storage facility

In its new home, complete with custom draught excluder

Howard's car is in good company, there's a couple of ginga's projects nearby

His Semi-Auto

Patiently waiting

And the Fugitive

They'll be done one day, one month, one year...

Sunday 30 November 2008

Outlaw Flat Four 2009

Outlaw Flat Four have released a provisional calendar for 2009 including, for the first time, championship rounds at Santa Pod.

Probably the most eagerly awaited round is Bug Jam 23 where the Outlaws will be competing in front of their first major UK VW show but their usual NSRA and Bug-In rounds are still on the calendar.

Full listings at the Lo 'E' Nuf calendar.

Monday 24 November 2008

Lo 'E' Nuf goes all Time Team

Unearthed from a top secret location in Hertfordshire is this survivor from the golden age of UK VWs.

With no hard dating evidence it's quite difficult to tell just how long this relic has been hiding.

It's possible that these strange pictograms may be able to help, if only the experts could decipher them.

The manner of the interior decoration is quite distinctive so may also help in the dating process.

Archaeologists normally like to use certain known items for dating objects or sites. Things such as preserved nuts, seeds or grains, maybe some decorated pottery or perhaps worked metal. Here all they have to work with is 2 expired tax discs.

Plan is to move this valuable historic relic to a safer more secure site and, one day, preserve it for future generations.

Friday 14 November 2008

Shiver shiver shuffle shuffle

Well, Slough has been and gone so that's it for 2008.

We came, we saw, we froze our asses off, we left. Despite all the best plans you never get everything you're after and you end up spending more time touring the car park then actually buying anything. But what the hey, it's a day out!

Cris, ginga and Toby Beadle arriving in the Sunshine Bus

Alex and Ian's Beetles - badly parked as usual

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Slough "National" Swapmeet 2008

The traditional season closer is almost upon us, Sluff is on Sunday 9th November at its usual Montem Leisure Centre, Montem Lane, Slough (SL1 2QG for all you Tom-Tom-ers). MAP

Doors open from 9am and best be there early if you want to park within a reasonable Sunday morning stagger from the hall!

Monday 20 October 2008

VW Action Gallery

It's been a while but here's a few snaps from VW Action. (click on pics for bigger versions)

Ginga arriving on Friday

Alex and Ginga had their Beetles on track and were joined by Ian who had just finished lashing together a turbo 1641 engine for his Beetle. Pics are from the Saturday evening session. Unfortunately Sunday was a wash out.

Ginga, fastest time: 14.7 sec @ 91mph

Alex, fastest time: 14.1 sec

Ian, fastest time: 15.4 sec

Alex on YouTube, beating the Jagerbug.

Cris was up with the full tribe in his Splitscreen camper, star of its own resto-thread on the SSVC Forum
Sunday Splitscreen line up

Baby Bootle was in the Back To 89 line ups on Saturday and Sunday.

We had good weather on Friday and Saturday so a wet Sunday didn't seem so bad.
That's it for weekend shows this year, next up is Slough Swapmeet on November 9th although we're working on some extra track time before the season's out...

Tuesday 26 August 2008

VW Action - Santa Pod this weekend

Last weekend VW show of the season and a good family show. Weekend tickets are £35 on the gate and we have allocated club camping space.
There's a cruise from Bicester, meeting from 11.30am at Wickes for a 12.00 noon departure.

Wednesday 20 August 2008

More Lo 'E' Nuf clothing

Now added to the range is kids' hoodies, available in all colours and from age 5-6 (26"-28").

Price is £14 each with large club logo back print and name or small club logo on left chest.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Been & gone

It could've been warmer, it could've been less windy and I could've got up in time to get the car on the strip!

Oh well...

The Bicester lot waiting to cruz up on the Friday

And that's all the pictures I took over the full weekend so the rest have been scalped from t'interweb.

Danny lines up against the JagerBug

And spanks it

We were joined in the Lo 'E' Nuf village by some strange Northerners

And the revitalised window stickers went down well

And we had some cool looking vee-hickles, as usual.

And Cris got got!

If anyone else has good (or plain embarressing) pics from the weekend then send them to and I'll stick them up.

Next up is VW Action at Santa Pod on August 29-31

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Nearly time...

It's that time of year again, Bug Jam is nearly upon us.
Plenty of frantic fitting and fettling at the various Lo 'E' Nuf hideaways.
See you all on Friday!

Monday 16 June 2008

More tarting...

More Lo 'E' Nuf magazine appearances in the new issue of VolksWorld,

Sneaking into the Big Bang feature are these 3 dodgy looking characters...

Next step, the world!

Thursday 12 June 2008

Tarting about

Yet another magazine feature for Danny Boy and Daphne. After his UK features in Ultra VW and Fast Car it's time for the Germans to join in with a 5 page feature and 8 page pull out poster in VW-Speed magazine.

Lo 'E' Nuf product

After many years in the wilderness we decided it was time to bring back the Lo 'E' Nuf t-shirts and stickers.


Available in any colour, any size, with large Lo 'E' Nuf logo on the back and your name/nickname on left chest, as modelled by Cris.

T-shirts: £12

Hoodies: £20

Kids' t-shirts: £6

To order, contact ginga


Available in small (any colour) and large (chrome effect), as modelled by all the finest show vehicles.

Small: £5

Large: £8

To order, contact Alex