Monday 28 March 2011

Coming Up...

Fisrt up is the GTi SpringFest at Santa Pod on Sunday 3rd April for all you watercooled junkies out there. All the usual stuff: Show & Shine, RWYB, Traders, AutoJumble, AutoTest, etc etc

Tickets are £15 on the gate.

Bus Types is  15/16/17th of April and is held at the Oswestry Showground right near Wales. Don't worry, you won't need a passport and there is protection from the hordes of Welsh raiders. All the usual stuff: Trade & Autojumble Stalls, VW’s For Sale Area, Daily Driver Display, Special Bus Displays, Club Displays, Early Evening Cruise, Family Disco & Live Band, "TRACKSUIT PARTY", Show & Shine (Over 25 Trophies up for grabs), Over 150 Trade & Autojumble Stands, VW Bus Car Park.

Tickets are adults £20, kids £5 - discounts for advance booking

The Rodding Season's opener is on, as ever, Good Friday at the usual place with all the usual stuff - be there!

Sunday 13 March 2011

ShelterBox disaster relief

ShelterBox is a Cornwall based charity that provides essential shelter and survival supplies to victims of diasaster. They have helped survivors of the 2001 Indian earthquake, the 2004 Tsunami, 2005 Hurricane Katrina, Haiti in 2010 as well as countless other natural disasters and war zones.

Each ShelterBox contains a 10-man Vango tent, thermal blankets/ground sheets, water purification equipment, a basic tool kit, wood-burning or multifuel stove, cooking/storage pans/containers and tools. The kit contents are tailored to the destination.
A typical ShelterBox kit

ShelterBox are providing assistance in Japan, the Japanese government have called for international aid in the wake of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The latest reports coming out of Japan state that more than 215,000 people have been made homeless by the two-pronged disaster with the need for emergency shelter being the top priority.

ShelterBox were on the ground in Japan within less than 24 hours after the earthquake struck. The hugely-experience ShelterBox Response Team (SRT), consisting of Mark Pearson (UK), Lasse Petersen (AU), John Diksa (FR) and David Eby (US), are now working with authorities to assess the areas of most need.  Speaking from Tokyo, Mark Pearson said: ‘We’re facing a unique set of circumstances dealing with the effects of an earthquake, a tsunami and now a nuclear incident. Our efforts will initially be focussed on Japan’s north where the worst affected areas are. We have aid ready to move as soon as we establish where the greatest need is.’

Tom Henderson, ShelterBox Founder and CEO, added: ‘In light of how many people are now displaced from their homes our primary concern is making sure that our aid is available to those who need it most. Our team responded immediately to the disaster and will now be working with our Rotary partners and supporters to manage the call for aid as it evolves.’

ShelterBox maintain a pre-positioned stock of boxes at key locations around the world enabling the organisation to respond quickly to any requests for aid. As well as the response to Japan, ShelterBox also has SRT members working in Madagascar, Bolivia and Peru, delivering emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to families who have lost everything in disasters.

Each ShelterBox costs £490 - this includes the box, contents, packing, storage, transport and distribution. You can donate here or by phoning 0300 0300 500