Saturday 30 March 2013

Wheels Day 2013

Despite warnings of snow and the end of the world, Wheels Day went ahead and was as packed as usual with still a 45 minute queue to get in at noon.

There was the usual 'Ooh Aah' shiny stuff...

But Wheels Day also brings out the "interesting"...

Beetle panned Golf in rare not surrounded by the curious moment

 I have absolutely no idea, not a one...

 Crew Cab Ford P100

Bootled Mini with removable hard-top

 No idea on this one either

Be cooler than Greg for only £8500

 The UK Mini Truck revival starts here!

Citroen CX Roadster 

How to destroy your clutch & flywheel...

Friday 22 March 2013

Dragged from its slumbers...

Today ginga's Variant, a.k.a. Eddie Valiant, basked in the glow of daylight (well, as much daylight as snow clouds will let through) for the first time in twenty years. It was parked up in early 1993 when the tax disc ran out and has been waiting patiently all this time. The garage door has been up barely 10 times in that period. How it looked in 2009.

After a two vans full of junk carefully accumulated top quality replacement parts were removed the poor old dear was dragged out backwards until the brakes freed off, then the tyres were inflated and it was loaded onto Ross's LT.

Genuine early 90s stickers and grafitti including a list of shows attended in 1992 including Spring Championships (RIP), Detling (RIP), Stanford Hall, VolksFest, Stonor Park, Bug Jam 6 and a bunch of others too faded to read.
On the road, sort of.

It's now waiting, again, in a barn with ginga's Fugitive and Howard's Beetle. Well, you can't rush these things!

To have Ross move your car, for a very reasonable fee, call RJH Automotive on 07967201677

Tuesday 19 March 2013

This weekend: VolksWorld Show

You know the score, all the usual top show features: massive queue from the M3, crowded halls (they'd fit a lot more people in there if those pesky old cars weren't in the way!), people with push chairs and/or backpacks, long queues for food & drink...

If that wasn't enough you might also find time for Top VW show cars from UK, Europe and the whole wide world, club displays, traders, Tech talks, Bug Stuff, etc...

Tickets are £12 a day for adults and £3.40 for kids under 16.

View VolksWorld Show in a larger map

Wednesday 13 March 2013

We didn't own an iPad

One for us 20th Century kids!

I remember when it all fields around here etc etc...

Monday 11 March 2013

Ultimate Dubs 2013, Telford


Too far, too expensive, too small, too badly organised.

A Golf


165/35/17 tyres on 7x17 rims

Chris Oakman's Passat

Parking: a forgotten art

A short video