Friday 24 August 2012

VW Action

 We're one week away from VW Action at Santa Pod, the final weekend show of the season. All the usual fun, around the Action 'village green' layout. Although there is no drag racing this weekend there will be plenty of on track action from RWYB and invited clubs in VWs and non-VWs - it's one week before the FIA European Finals so many racers use it as a test session. The Off-Road course will also be open over the weekend.

Away from the track there are Show & Shine competitions on both days, the Campervan Cook Off, the Charidee Auction, the Action Hall of Fame, the Action Olympics, etc etc etc

Friday night has Ivan and Vision Tech Beats in the main marquee although it goes downhill for Saturday night when the Plastic Elvises will be out in force, along with the head dick Jensen D Groover. Once you've put up with, or avoided, that American Graffiti will be showing at midnight in the Fuellers Bar.

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Tickets are £40 on the gate - under 13s go free

Saturday 18 August 2012

New Arrivals

There have been whispered rumours that Danny Boy would be getting Daphne back on the road again this year. Firstly it was for Sandown Park, then Bug Jam, but these deadlines came and went with no sign. The engine's at GAC, the gearbox is at a Porsche cog botherer and the car is spread around Turbonutta Industry's new HQ.

Could it be true? Could Daphne soon be finished?

Of course not. And to make sure, Dannny has bought a new project! After months of idly scanning through the internet at work searching he managed to snatch this off Ebay in a midnight raid.

 "Quick, take it away before he changes his mind..."

It arrived at the Birkshop on Wednesday evening and is a (badly) painted 1965 rolling shell imported from California. Aside from a few kipper filled dents the metal is all good, all it needs is the rest of it! There's no interior, no fixtures or fittings and only half an engine.

But it's a Split. And it could keep Daphne off the road for years!

The Lo 'E' Nuf restoration team are straight on the case

Meanwhile, Marco has been following the L'E'N way. After deciding his Split was coming together a bit too quickly he bought a Bay window to slow things down a bit. This wasn't working so he now also has...

It'll be lined, carpetted, stereo'd and a bed fitted and should keep the Split and the Bay off the road for a while.

Friday 3 August 2012

Bug Jam 26

Bug Jam in three words: Rain, mud, Sun!

It started well, ginga got tugged by the Fuzz before the cruz had even left Bicester, and got better as the weekend went on - Bug Jam innit.

Friday at t'Pod was a little damp...

...and had the world's quietest disco later on in the Big Top marquee.

Saturday rolled around and all was good, all except the access ways in the campsite which caught out the late comers getting stuck in the claggy mud.

"You weren't there man, you don't know what it was like!"

With the sun out it was bimbling time to see the tat for sale and the on-track action. As well as the 'DRC there was racing from Outlaw Flat Four, Outlaw Anglias, Street Eliminators and exhibition vehicles including Wayne Allman completing licensing runs in his Mental Breakdown Split dragster, running a 7.6sec on Sunday.

Jon Webster was running his new twin-turbo Mercury Comet 
landbarge in Street Eliminator, running regular 8.1sec 1/4s

Russ Fellows ran a 9.03 sec @ 155mph. Next stop, 8sec 1/4s!

Sunday rolled around, even sunnier and hotter than Saturday, and the muddy goo finally started to dry out.

Alex, Cris, Tim, Clive and Chris O were all in the Show & Shine / Back289 displays.



And Tim made it into the Bug Jam programme

And Sunday afternoon was spent watching the racing from the banking under the baking sun.