Sunday 30 November 2008

Outlaw Flat Four 2009

Outlaw Flat Four have released a provisional calendar for 2009 including, for the first time, championship rounds at Santa Pod.

Probably the most eagerly awaited round is Bug Jam 23 where the Outlaws will be competing in front of their first major UK VW show but their usual NSRA and Bug-In rounds are still on the calendar.

Full listings at the Lo 'E' Nuf calendar.

Monday 24 November 2008

Lo 'E' Nuf goes all Time Team

Unearthed from a top secret location in Hertfordshire is this survivor from the golden age of UK VWs.

With no hard dating evidence it's quite difficult to tell just how long this relic has been hiding.

It's possible that these strange pictograms may be able to help, if only the experts could decipher them.

The manner of the interior decoration is quite distinctive so may also help in the dating process.

Archaeologists normally like to use certain known items for dating objects or sites. Things such as preserved nuts, seeds or grains, maybe some decorated pottery or perhaps worked metal. Here all they have to work with is 2 expired tax discs.

Plan is to move this valuable historic relic to a safer more secure site and, one day, preserve it for future generations.

Friday 14 November 2008

Shiver shiver shuffle shuffle

Well, Slough has been and gone so that's it for 2008.

We came, we saw, we froze our asses off, we left. Despite all the best plans you never get everything you're after and you end up spending more time touring the car park then actually buying anything. But what the hey, it's a day out!

Cris, ginga and Toby Beadle arriving in the Sunshine Bus

Alex and Ian's Beetles - badly parked as usual