Wednesday 15 September 2010

Coming Up

Next on the calendar is the Kop Hill Climb, Princes Risborough on Sept 25/26.

Kop Hill near Princes Risborough Buckinghamshire, was one of the most popular speed hill climbs in the country for motorcycles and motorcars in the period between 1910 and 1925. This year's centenary event celebrates the first recorded races by motorcyclists in 1910. A year later they were joined by motorcars. The hill was in regular use by motorcycles and motorcars until 1925 when, as a result of an accident on the hill, all racing on public roads in Britain was banned. For two days, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of September the hill will be returned to its glorious past. Storming the hill this year will be over 300 historic vehicles from the earliest days through to post-war classics. These will be leavened by a few modern exotic cars showing how motoring has developed over the last 100 years.

Tickets are £5 each, kids under 12 go free.

Clashing, on the Sunday, is Ultra VW magazine's Bug Boogie 

This year it's being held at Windsor Racecourse as part of the CHP Cars @ The Course show and will feature cars from Japanese Performance , 911 & Porsche World and Auto Italia magazines.

Monday 13 September 2010


A mere 18 months after this...

...and it was time to reunite the body with its floorpan. The floorpan had been at Deano's VWs being fitted out. Dean trailered it back to Mat & Sal's and we were bribed by the promise of coffee and chilli to lend a hand.

Floorpan now fitted with suspension, brakes, transmission & steering

The Lo 'E' Nuf way

After a while of careful checking, drinking coffee, lining up, drinking coffee, removing obstacles and drinking coffee it was time for the lift. Easier said than done, some idiot had put a floorpan in the way, but with some long bolts to help line everything up eventually the body and floor were together again. A couple of reluctant bolts will be sorted back at Dean's workshop.
Lift, shuffle, shuffle, pause...

Nearly there

Down, bolted up and ready to go

The lifting crew

Ready for the trip back to Deano's VWs for re-assembly

VW Action

Congratulations to Alex for a his new Personal Best at VW Action, Santa Pod.