Saturday 31 July 2010

Lo 'E' Nuf on tour

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A small group of Nuffers trekked down to Somerset for the Glastonbury Festival. Although the festival doesn't kick off proper til the Thursday evening the gates are open from Tuesday afternoon and it's first come first served in the campsite. We got there on Tuesday night giving us a couple of days to set up, mooch about and get the vibe.

The Lo 'E' Nuf campsite

Shock! Horror! A VW Camper being used for camping!

The mass of brave souls who spend the week in a tent have to lug a week's supply of essentials from the car parks into the the main festival site.
There is a continual tide of people carrying/dragging bags, boxes, trollies...

The view across to Glastonbury Tor

Evening in the Stone Circle Field

The Tipi Field

London Underground
Still being built on Friday

NYC Downlow

By Day

By Night

Up The Tower

Cube Henge in the Dance Village


View from The Tower

Monday morning
Time to pack up and go home...

The Spirit of Glastonbury

Glastonbury is on again in 2011, the headliners have been confirmed. 

If you want to go you must be pre-registered before you can attempt to buy tickets which will be on sale in September.
Tickets for this year were sold out in hours.

You will need to provide your name, address and contact info and upload a photo.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Been Jammin'

A few pics from the weekend...
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The Bicester Massive amassing at the local Wickes

The Lo 'E' Nuf village

 Uncle Pollack looked after the waifs and strays

All precautions were taken for Sim's visit

Bernie Newbury getting it up

Ran 11s on the strip
and featured in the current PerformanceVW magazine
Russ Fellows ran 9.2s @ 151mph

Ran 11.27s and won VW Pro class
A first for an electric vehicle in a UK Championship class

After many years in the making Wayne Allman's Mental Breakdown
was in for licencing runs but reverse gremlins brought it to a halt

Show n Shine

There was the usual emergency repairs before we could leave...

Our departure was delayed by the news a 4yr old child had gone missing. The gates were closed, vehicles were checked before being let out and a massive search took place over the whole site with assistance from the Police helicopter. The child was eventually found, curled up asleep in a box a few feet away from its parent's trade stall. Good thing they searched thoroughly before raising the alarm.

Remember - keep your children on a lead!

Next show is VW Action at Santa Pod
Sept 3-4-5

Saturday 17 July 2010


You can polish a turd!

Pot Stoodle recently dug out Chopped, gave it a little refresh and dragged it along to Wycombe MAG's Chinnor Bike Dayz where it won the trophy for Best Small Bike, upsetting a few 'proper bikers' along the way.

Anyone would think there's a big show coming

Recent fevered activity at the Birkshop as cars are prepped for Bug Jam.

Dan brought Daphne out for her annual tinker.

Then it really started getting busy.
Greg serviced his Barge, Josh finally fitted a head unit, Cris gave the bus a new headlining and Rob gave his bus new chassis rails!

Now that ain't right

This continued long into the night...

Bug Jam is on July 23rd to 25th at Santa Pod

Friday 2 July 2010

And another show

Somehow missed this one...

VAGFest - formerly GTi Fest - is on at Santa Pod on Sunday July 11th, that's next weekend or one week before the Retro Show or 2 weeks before Bug Jam.

For many years, the GTI Festival has attracted hordes of Volkswagen enthusiasts to several different venues around the UK. But as VAGfest takes over the GTI Festival calendar date, it is THE one day show for all enthusiasts of all VAG marques. SEAT, Skoda, Audi and of course Volkswagen, including T3, T4 and T5 Vans - hell we may as well include Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti too. VAGfest is a show where all VAG vehicles are welcome with open arms.

RWYB - £25 per day, VAG vehicles only.

VAG Show & Shine - Best Of Show (overall), Top 20 (across all marques), Best VW, Best Audi, Best Skoda, Best SEAT, Best Van, Best Engineering, Best Paint, Best Interior, Best Engine and Promoter's Choice.

Dizzy Rascals - And they said drag racers don't do bends. Completely new for VAGfest, and free to take part, is the quarter mile 'roundabout' racing. 4 laps of the purpose built roundabout gives you the most bizarre measured quarter mile anywhere! Single cars, and sprint style timing, with awards for the fastest boyz and girlz! It’s a completely untried combination of sprint and autotest, but should be ideally suited to front wheel drive cars. Try it - you might like it!

Girlz & Dubz - And for the first time, a show within a show.. Girlx N Dubz features the coolest cars and the hottest owners! Not quite a 'Show & Shine', The contest will take the form of a chat about your car, and your interest in the VW 'lifestyle', and it’s for each girl to convince the show audience to make the most noise in their support. A decibel meter will be on hand so that there can be no doubt about the winner. Every contestant will receive an exclusive Girlz N Dubs 'T 'shirt. Entry is free, and open to all female owners of VAG cars.

Traders & free Autojumble

Tickets: £15 for adults