Monday 23 November 2009

Slough Swapmeet

Sunday 8th was the Slough Swapmeet and a Lo 'E' Nuf contingent trooped along.

(click on pics for larger versions)

Montem Hall wasn't its usual crush.

Back out in the car park and club chef Cristophe Le Fantôme Chaud whipped up some fine bacon sarnies and coffee.

Also in the car park, Chris Kinnarney was selling his Type 3 and Beetle.

And an old Lo 'E' Nuf car was spotted.

Main task of the day was to give Josh's wallet a good spanking.
By the end of play he had amassed a useful collection of parts which were dropped off at the workshop on the way home.

Tuesday 3 November 2009

The new arrival

Sneaking into Cris' workshop late at night is the latest addition to the Lo 'E' Nuf fleet imported, by Josh, all the way from Wales.

It's a Brazilian 15 window microbus that has seen a hard life. Now it's here to be rescued and cossetted.

The following evening saw the usual...

"It came off in my hand, honest"

Josh made panels

Cris welded them in.

Next on the agenda is a shopping trip to the Slough Swap Meet. You can follow the build on Josh's Thread on the SSVC Forum