Forgotten But Not Lost

A page honouring those Lo 'E' Nuf cars fondly remembered but completely ignored.

Eddie Valiant
ginga's first aircooled was this Variant which was at the very first Lo 'E' Nuf club meeting.
Lovingly looked after, ahem, until he put it backwards through a hedge followed by forwards into a Maestro van.
Currently awaiting "the day".

ginga's big toy. A regular at the shows in the summer and used for Classic Trialling in the cold months, usually with Danny Boy on navigating/bouncing duties. Waiting, obviously.

Robin's 61
The club bike owned in the past by Toby, Cris and Robin and currently owned by Robin (again). A strip regular with patina the Rat Lookers dream of it's waiting.

Baby Bootle
A Lo 'E' Nuf classic, Baby Bootle vies for the World's Shortest Beetle title whilst being able to wheelie in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears - but not with this engine. Spent the recent years earning its keep in the Back289 displays it currently resides buried under a mountain of toys in Cris' garage is being refreshed at Cris' workshop.

The Mule

Moog's Fuel Injected Puppy Killer
Moog's first car, back in 1895, was this beauty with 1200cc of writhing power.
Improvements over the years led to a restored body and a 1679cc Fuel Injected motor.
Currently in one of Moog's lock-ups being prepared for death by racing.

Silly Sid Roadster
Once owned by a bunch of nuns, before the make-over, Guy's Roadster was a show winner back in the day and Guy had to have it, running it as a daily driver for a while. The last few years saw it as a garage ornament, despite Stu Betty's pleading. 
In the end, Guy saw sense and sold it to someone who could actually re-finish it which saw it at the VolksWorld Show in 2023

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