Tuesday 24 February 2009

For Sale

Duncan, of popular Wycombe duo Doogie & Geri, is selling his 1964 Golde sunroof Beetle.

If it had a gearbox it'd be a rolling shell but unfortunately that and the engine have already gone. That said, most of it is there, somewhere.


Wednesday 11 February 2009

The Biatch Bus

Another Lo 'E' Nuf vehicle that's been lurking for several years is Toby's Crew Cab Bay Window. It's an ex-Swedish Army vehicle that he bought a while ago as an engine-less un-registered import. Toby started work on it and started collecting the parts needed to get it sorted. It has a 1776cc engine in kit form and Porsche Cookie Cutters amongst the parts stash. Unfortunately family, job change, house move and ill health have all conspired to slow, or even stop, progress but Toby's now back on it and it's now at Cris' workshop for the essential welding.

Looks OK from this side but what you can't see is the rear floor rusted away and a very dubious B-pillar repair on the driver's side.

Rotten floor cut out and tidied up

B-pillar has received a mighty thwack at some point and someone has attempted to repair it by welding another section of B-pillar over the damage.

Inner view shows section of B-pillar removed to 'assist' repair

The vehicle was supplied with a cut-out section of B-pillar to help re-repair it so Cris set to it, angle grinder in one hand, welder in the other.

Cut out the gnarly stuff

Going for the hard top conversion

Next step was to weld in the repair section including connecting the bulkhead.

Looking a lot better for it. As well as the B-pillar and floor there are a few smaller welding jobs to be done but very few for a Bay Window. The work continues, the rear floor is now nearly in and Toby has started rebuilding the dashboard.