Monday 20 March 2023

VolksWorld Show 2023 a.k.a WTF?

 Two veteran Lo 'E' Nuf cars dramatically leapt from the obscurity of the Forgotten But Not Lost page straight into the spotlight when they appeared at the VolksWorld Show at Sandown Park.

First was Baby Bootle who, until recently, was languishing in an open barn. After some gentle persuasion from Stu Betty, Cris agreed to dig it out and whizz round with the touch-up brush so it could be displayed in the Back To 89 display.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Silly Sid's Rad Roadster was back! Guy had sold it to James Self. Who, in turn, had taken on a complete re-fresh, undoing years of Guy's idleness.

Some of the other sights...

Needs lowering

Nicely upholstered wheel tubs

Richie King's lightened 911

As always, some cars aren't able to be finished in time. Deadlines are a bitch! Typ 38 Prototype.

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